Afrijobs – Best Job Portal in South Africa

Best Job Portal in South Africa

Looking for the best Job Portal in South Africa? Afrijobs has always been spot on in terms of delivering the best jobs to the candidates. Employers have always had the pleasure to search for relevant resumes to match their candidate of choice. So exactly how does Afrijobs do it right all the time?

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Best Job Portal

Jobs in South Africa  are plenty and only shortage of skills is the problem. We at Afrijobs we pride ourselves as the best job portal because we bridge the gap between the employee and the employers. We have one of the fastest growing Twitter followers and Google Plus. Start following us to today to join the masses who love and adore our portal. The jobs portals are basically the integration of three entities namely job seeker, employer and administration and we at Afrijobs we tick all the boxes with pride and dignity.

What makes us the best in the business?

We are determined to make our portal as user friendly as possible. Here are some of our strong points:

  • Job seekers are able to use facilities like register and upload resume/CV.
  • Updating resume/CV and profile, viewing details like accepted and rejected applications.
  • There are job searching tools based on multiple criteria like location, field/area, experience etc.
  • For employers, we offer facilities to register, update their profile, add and edit their job posts and walk-ins. Employers  also have  the ability of adding and editing business notes.
  • Employers can also search resumes for their job openings.
    The administration part of site includes managing database and its access.
  • Afrijobs also allows changing theme/logo/color / paging settings etc.


Best Job Portal in South Africa